Supermarket, Shopping And Comedy

so i walked into a supermarket at hussy street yesterday wanting to buy baby food for 12months which of course i usually buy that of 6-8months for #1700, normally the higher you go the lesser the price and this happens.
Me: good evening.
Female: evening sir, welcome.
Me: do you have cerelac?
Female: yes walk straight and turn to your left.

I gladly did as i was told, i saw the food (cerelac honey and wheat for 12months) and then i picked it up and there was no price on it,πŸ€” i didn't want to fumble cause i was told you can't price or ask for the price of any good in a supermarket cause it has a price tagged on it already, immediately a male attendant stood up and came to where i was and i stylishly asked.

Man: What do you need sir.
Me: cerelac, for 12months old and sorry i dont seem to see the tag on this how much is it??
Me: in my mind (my god #1900? who send me enter here and i only have #2000. what do i do oh? if i say i don't have enough to buy i don fall my hand be that and i had plans for the change and i can't price it for even the old #1700,so i remembered cerelac had different flavor and our baby eats anyone you give to her, then it struct me that the attendant doesn't know that ,i scanned the stack and saw that it only that flavor that's available for 12months) then i quickly replied him, don't you have any other flavor than this?

Man: yes i think so, hold on let me check.
looks round and point to another thing ( my mind fly then i quickly checked the age, it was 6monthsπŸ˜‚)
Me: no this is 6months and i need that of 12months, besides we dont usaully buy this flavor you have she eat's rice and maize.πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Man: but you can still buy it, the baby will eat it.
Me: No we don't give her that and if i end up buying it and she refuse to eat it, that's a loss i will have to ask the mum i'll be right back.
immediately i left the shop walked do to fadeyi and i ended up buying the same flavor @ #1650.😁
So friends please was i smart or stingy?
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