Being a youth is not about your qualification or socialtal status. youths are the future of their country and the future leaders, that is the reason why "you as a youth and citizen of this great nation have to speak" and stand up to oppressors and unjust ruling. most youth's say they are not politicians and can not be a part of the political society of the nation and yet they complaign about the governance.

My question to the nigerian youth is:
Are you not political inclined if you know the system is wrong?
who make up the government? (are they politicians you put there?)
What is the legacy do you want your children to benefit from this great nation?
well gorvernace is differ from politics, knowing this differences will help you stand firm against injustice. allow me to introduce our guest speaker for this topic. Mr Aliyu Muazu Bamlly the interim but chairman of the ONE NIGERIAN YOUTH FORUM (ONYF).
Aliyu Muazu Bamally:You can be disinterested in Politics, like me, but you can't afford to be disinterested in Governance.So, what is the difference between Politics and Governance?: The two are related but different. Here are my definitions...I define Politics as the activities through which 1 group gains power & control over other groups. I submit you can be disinterested in this.. On the other hand, I define governance as the processes and traditions through which power and authority are exercised in a society.Politics is simply about having our people in power and keeping their people out of it. Simply a game of inclusion and exclusion.

Governance, on the other hand, is HOW that power and control is exercised for the benefit of all and that is what you are interested in.
One Nigeria Youth Forum is a pressure group for good governance, unity and peace, One of its objectives is to enlighten masses that the people they elect are sorta employees to us and not our bosses.
They are meant to make life easy for us and not themselves, A situation where the electorate are treated like second class citizens is what we are trying to change and this is what you must be interested in,  "Hate has always existed in the Universe, Yes we know that but our politicians just made it fashionable again, Statues has nothing to do with us now!".
Remember "they can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but they  cannot fool all the people all the time, The masses are supposed to be engaged in nations socio economic and political transformation and advancement". Not as instruments of violence   use to cause Chaos in Society".
I urge you to be on the look out for the ONYF we are the future generation and we are goin to make that future a better place for our children but this is only possible if you see reason to join and support this course
(one nigeria).

I Warmley welcome you to the platform, where skills are harness, talents are discovered and opportunities are glaring:https://m.facebook.com/One-Nigeria-Youth-Forum-926083607482537/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=page_user_activity

Interim BT Chairman ONYF
Aliyu Muazu Bamally.

Thank you.

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