An artiste (human) eye is the best lens money can never buy and his hands serves as his printing machine, he is one to best describe his passion for Art.
This article is but to show appreciation to the ones made from the ribs of man,"feeble" but yet the most precious beings created by God and to be adored by men.

Today we would look at women as instruments of Artistic marvel, allow me to introduce our master artiste in the person of Mr Miracle Ngoka and this is what he has to say:The flowing beauty of the subtle power women wield over the world is a classic example of poetry in motion, it's deeper than the oceans,soothing,inspiring, nuturing and empowering.
All it ever asks in return is to be loved back, cared for and respected so as to brigthen its glow.
This is why i dedicate lot's of my artwork to celebrating women and their under-appreciated sacrifices to making earth one of the most beautiful places in the universe.

There you have it folks i hope you found joy in this passionate,heart felt appreciation for women?
learn to respect and care for everyone of them and support their struggle.
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#Fact: miracle never studied art, drawing was one of his Gifts(talent), also he used only a pen(biro) to create this work of art.
there is an artistic figure in every being you just have to look inside yourself.
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