Fame Or Respect

When you are faced with a question that requires a serious but simple answer it is very difficult to give the right answer that satisfy your audience especially when you are a celebrity,
Today we have a question "Fame or Respect".
To help clarify this topic for us is non-other than Artiste, Model, Brand Representative; Alfred innocent Aidudo, A.k.A Fx2model.
photo shoot with a designer from turkey at Eko hotel & suite

this was his reply to when faced with such a question;
simple and straight makes good relationship with your community.
You say am famous:
Yes i am famous.
But it doesn't make me God.
God gave everyone a talent, i only added passion as a flavor to the recipe that spice up my talent and this brought me respect which made me look famous, one thing you shouldn't do is mistake fame for respect (why?) because everyone can be famous and not respected, this is because you can not buy respect; you have to earn it and the only way can earn respect is to respect God and other people.
Fame on the other hand can be bought or made without stress and little work,
so my advice to you is to respect others and they will reciprocate your gesture and then it makes you famous.

Modeling is something i have a passion for and with the help of my teacher/mentor (modelacouture), i have been able to make it this far not because i had all the riches to afford me such luxury's but because i respect for both man(human beings) and God, which has in turn help me achieve more than i can imagine for myself.

Each time am on the run way,i don't just see myself as a model but a man that has the support of so many people and this helps boost my confidence and fuels my passion for a career that i love and people love me for my choice, not because i force or pay them to but because we have one thing in common...That is #RESPECT.

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